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About Us In 2009, our friends asked us to help them dismantle the RF Shielded room. For several years, in many European countries, we have helped to dismantle (assemble) such MRI rooms. In doing this, we analyzed the advantages and defects of RF Shielded room from different manufacturers. Systems analysis has helped our engineers and architects develop optimal and informed RF shielded room solutions for a variety of MRI machines. This is how Smart Room was born. Today our team understands processes and estimates, responds to customer needs, strives to create individual turnkey projects. We help our clients choose a room, analyze it, prepare and launch an MRI. We are always looking for ways to improve everything twe lay our hands on.

Our mission At Smart Room, we strive to make the diagnostic world more comfortable and practical. We are passionate about designing and delivering holistic, smart and sustainable solutions for RF shielded rooms and MRI centers in general.
Our aim Smart Room is a leading engineering and construction company engaged in the design and construction of quality, beautiful and environmentally friendly RF rooms, actively listens to customers and partners, continuously improves processes and invests in knowledge and technology.
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